What is Trippy Tours All About ?

Our goal here at Trippy Tours is to give you the up close in person experience of New York City’s Premiere attractions. Instead of sitting on a bus and flying by these pieces of history, here at Trippy Tours we will take a “New York Walk” and visit the Empire State Building, Times Square, and get the purest NYC experience, a train ride! All the way to One World Trade Center. All Tours offer candy to start your Trip.

Our Mission

Providing a memorable fun time for people experiencing and visiting NYC.

Our Vision

Start as giving a tour of the most important monuments, eventually have different tours in the city like Brooklyn monuments, Brooklyn Bridge Walk, and Rockefeller tour/shopping experience.

Choose a Trippy Tour itinerary!

Private Custom Tour of New York City

We will start by seeing the Empire State Building, take a “New York Walk” to Times Square, and finish in true New York styles with a train ride all the way to One World Trade Center.